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Life Coaching with ElinAnna?

As a coach, I am non-judgmental, open-minded and action-oriented. I am empathetic, calm and intuitive. I am interested in working with you if you are eager to move on, long for something more from your life and if you are ready to step into your power.

After initial contact, I arrange for a complimentary coaching consultation with the client to see if we are the right fit for each other. If you want to start working with me, we begin with a discovery session in which we discuss where you are today, where you want to be in the future, what you love in life, and how to get more of what you love in your life. In the discovery session we will also discuss the foundation for the work, logistics, get clear on focus areas for the coaching.

We will also talk about values -- the things you value in your own life. For example, I value travel, time with my husband, and open-minded people.

After the discovery session, I talk regularly with my clients -- typically three times a month for 40 minutes each call. During these calls we focus on the progress that has been made and keep you moving toward the life you want to live.

As a coach I like to focus on life as a journey, not simply a long list of goals. It is important to enjoy the journey and that is what I focus on as a coach.


"ElinAnna helped me to make realistic plans and look honestly into my timetabling. I was taking too much on board and her expertise was essential to help me achieve more without stress and for this I am very grateful" Liana S.

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