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What is Coaching?

Coaching is designed to help clients to enhance their quality of life. It concentrates on the present and the future.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as an equal partnership between the client and the coach, which allows the client to move towards more fulfilling life, both professionally and personally.

In coaching the client is seen as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The solutions and strategies come from the client.

The coach’s job is to probe, report and support, all to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity the client already has.

When an athlete wins the race it is the athlete that stands on the podium to receive the honor, not the coach. It is the athlete that sweats, and reaps the benefit. The coach is there to cheer him/her on.

A professional co-active coaching relationship …

— creates a structure for accelerated personal, professional and spiritual development.

— helps clients clarify goals and values and move into action.

— pushes people think big and be more resourceful and creative.

— gives clients the safe space and total support to discover their life purpose.

— facilitates personal transformation

— encourages life balance and fulfillment.

— supports clients in the discovery of their own strengths, skills, knowledge and wisdom.

It’s important to note that coaching is not therapy, advice or counseling.


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