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An Interview with ElinAnna Bjarnadottir

Q: How long have you been a prosperity coach and how did you become one?

A: To answer that question, let me tell you how I decided to become a prosperity coach.

I’m originally from Iceland and it is there I received my degree in business and met my husband. We then moved from Iceland to New Mexico where I received my MBA. On our way home to Iceland we took a detour to Massachusetts for work and decided to stay. It was in Massachusetts that I realized that I am a chronic underearner. Despite my education and considerable experience I was earning far below what my peers were.

My path to coaching began several years ago when I started working with abused women and found that I had a natural talent for helping women help themselves, even in the most dire of circumstances. My passion is to help women form a new relationship with money and stop chronically underearning, something I am an expert in since I too am a recovered underearner.

I attended and graduated from Coach Training Institute (CTI), Recovery Coach Training International, and am now working towards certification in Financial Alchemy Training.

All of my training has led me to make great strides working with underearners and not only their relationship with money and how to change that, but also how to attract more money into their lives.

Q: Who are your typical clients?

A: My typical clients are women 35 and over, who are college graduates and have figured out that they have been lied to. They realize that the myth that someone or something is going to come into their lives and take care of all their financial problems is just that – a myth. They realize that it is up to them to take care of themselves and their family but don’t quite know how to get out of their poor relationship with money.

Q: How are you different from other wealth/prosperity coaches?

A: As a former chronic underearner myself I understand the mindset of women who are underearners, how to overcome that way of thinking and change beliefs about what money is.

I help women overcome, sometimes in as little as a day their limiting feelings and relationships with money opening them up to new possibilities for abundance in their lives.

Q: What type of personality do you work best with?

A: My clients want change and are open minded and willing to try new things to discover a new way of looking at and being in the world. They know that so far the things they have tried don’t work and are willing and eager to discover a new path.

My typical client is someone who needs to change her relationship with money. Until now she has defined her relationship with money and how she thinks about money by what she saw and experienced in her environment growing up.

I also work well with women that have low self esteem and feelings of unworthiness and may need a lot of handholding.

Q: What will be expected of me?

A: You will get the most out of our sessions if you are committed to change, open minded, willing to listen and do the work. I help clients to rework their relationship with money so that they can start making what they are worth. You have to be open to changing long held beliefs in order for this shift to happen. I help them turn around how they feel about money and how they think about it.

Q: Who will your program not work for?

A: My program will not work for people that are not willing to change, people that are not open minded or not willing to do the work necessary.

Also, people that complain and make lots of excuses for their lives would not be good candidates for my services.

Q: What results can I expect working with you?

A: You can expect to change your definition and relationship with money. You’ll start earning what your worth, have improved self-esteem, and feel empowered over the direction your life is going in.

There are so many benefits working through your money relationships that your change will be radical.

Q: Is this program guaranteed to work?

A: Absolutely. Now your results will depend to a large extent on the time, effort and energy you put into doing the work, being open and honest, and being held accountable. But if you get clear about the results you want and take the action we agree to, you will get the results you want.

However, I have a 30 day no risk money back guarantee. That is, at the end of the first 30 days, if you aren’t totally convinced that coaching is giving you more value than you’re paying, just tell me and I’ll cheerfully refund any money you’ve paid.

Q: What is this going to cost?

A: I have a number of different programs, depending on your desired level of support. My programs are designed to fit most budgets. However, I’ll need to discuss your individual situation with you to determine how fast you’re looking for results and what plan you’re most comfortable with.

Q: What’s the next step?

A: The next step is to schedule a 30 minute assessment to see if we are a good fit. Please give me a call at 1-617-379-0787, send me an email at info@fromunderearningtoabundance.com or click on this link Strategy Session so we can schedule your free strategy session.


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